Health and Nutrition of Inmates Project (2022-2023)

 Health and Nutrition of Inmates Project (2022-2023)

On 1st February 2022, Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) and Ubumi Prisons Initiative Received funding from CISU to implement a  two (2) year project titled; Civil Society Mobilization and Advocacy for Improved Health in Zambian Prisons. The aim of the project is to promote and secure the rights to good health and nutrition of inmates in Zambian Prisons through capacity building of relevant civil society organizations, new alliances, and advocacy towards duty bearers in Zambia for the development and implementation of the new Health Strategic Plan. Project beneficiaries include 6000 male inmates and 130 female inmates participating in health campaigns and benefitting from health interventions at Mukobeko Maximum male, Medium, Juvenile and Female Correctional Facilities in Kabwe Central Province of Zambia. Of this group the most vulnerable 2-4% of male inmates (seriously ill) and 7-8% of females (pregnant and seriously ill) will be reached through strategic deliveries in the shape of food and medicine. Almost 100% of children accompanying their mothers will be reached. All inmates in the selected prisons will benefit from the hygiene interventions.

Health, nutrition and skills building for inmates’ projects (2018-2021)

PFF partnered with Ubumi Prison Initiative Zambia and Denmark in 2018 to implement the Ubumi model at Mukobeko Maximum Male Prison, Kabwe Female Maximum and Medium Correctional Centres in Kabwe Central Province Zambia. Between 2018 and 2021, the partnership provided food supplements and medicines to over 500 seriously ill inmates (HIV and Tuberculosis patients among others), 42 mothers, 321 juveniles and 20 circumstantial children through the Ubumi model. The partnership assisted about 4000 inmates through Provision of general hygiene and Covid-19 materials. In addition, Mukobeko Maximum Male Correctional Prison and Medium Correctional Facility have been supported with nutritional gardens for seriously ill patients. The Ubumi models has embraced inmate volunteers who to implement activities right inside the prisons/correctional centres.


Shown in the photos is Ubumi Garden meant for critically ill patients at Mukobeko Maximum Male Correctional Facility

Shown in the photos are Medicines, food and hygiene items provided to critically ill inmates and juveniles at delivered Mukobeko Maximum male, Medium and Female Correctional Facilities by PFF under the Ubumi Project.