What you need to Know about Prisoners’ Future Foundation and Ubumi Prison Initiative Project

The photo shows inmate volunteers who have dedicated their time to daily implementation of activities in targeted correctional Centres


Since 2018, Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) and Ubumi Prisons Initiative (Ubumi) have been working with Zambia Correctional Service to improve health, hygiene and nutrition conditions for the ill, the children and other vulnerable groups specifically, more so for the general prison population, with support from CISU. The project targets Mukobeko Medium, Maximum Male and Kabwe Female Correction Centers in Kabwe District of Central Province, Zambia. Furthermore, PFF and Ubumi have strongly been advocating for improved living conditions and health rights of inmates in Zambian Correctional Centres/Prisons.

PFF and Ubumi received an award of recognition in Health and Social Care by Zenith Global Health, on 23rd April 2022.

PFF and UPI have been using Ubumi (meaning life in local language) Model, rights-based approach empowering inmates and correctional staff to take ownership and contribute actively towards the improving health and living in correctional Centres/Prisons.

Project activities

  • Advocate for the implementation of the new Zambia Correctional Service Health and Operational Strategic Plan
  • Provision of food supplements, hygiene materials and general Medicines
  • Establishment of nutrition gardens for seriously ill patients
  • Basic skills training for inmate volunteers in gardening, health care and cooking
  • Hold engagement meetings with targeted Correctional/Prison administrations aimed at advocating for inmates’ access to quality health service
  • Trainings of inmate, health and correctional staff in nutrition, infectious diseases and mental health
Nutrition gardens for seriously ill patients supported by the project


Results and Impact of Prisoners’ Future Foundation and Ubumi Prison Initiative Project

  • Contributed to reduction in mortality of up to 90% in the targeted correctional Centres/Prisons
  • Contributed to the development and is supporting the implementation of Zambia Correctional Service 2022-2026 Health and Operational Strategic Plan, which document has recognized the need to improve nutrition and hygiene in Correctional Centres/Prisons
  • So far, 557 seriously ill inmates (HIV and Tuberculosis patients among others), 43 pregnant women and mothers, 383 juveniles including 24 circumstantial children have had their health improved through provision of food supplements and general medications
  • Contribute to preventing the spread of diseases such as TB, diarrheal diseases, scabies etc. among an estimated general population of 6008 inmates in targeted Correctional Centres/Prisons through provision of hygiene items such as disinfectants, washing and bathing soaps
  • A more knowledgeable workforce within priority areas of health
  • Stronger commitment to health monitoring against the Health Strategic Plan among decision makers
  • National data collection to develops key indicators to monitor the Health Strategic Plan
Monthly delivery of food supplements and hygiene materials


Given the deplorable living conditions, poor nutrition and hygiene including limited access to health services by inmates, PFF and Ubumi have continued face overwhelming demand for the services delivered by the project in the targeted and other correctional Centres/Prisons across the country.

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