PFF received support from the Riverside Church U$ 5,000. meant for the transportation, family tie, counseling sessions of Ex-prisoners.

Below; In pic 1&2 obsolete wheel chair which was replaced, and pic3 shows one of the beneficiary with disability, whose both limbs is amputated and was using a dysfunction wheel chair. PFF was able to provide a new wheel chair on release and took her to the relatives.


From 2009 to 2016, Prisoners` Future Foundation made a donation of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and computers, skills training tools blankets to correctional Centres/Prisons based in Kabwe. PFF received the donations from Christian Africa Relief Trust (CART) and Workaid:

In the photo below is donation of sanitary pads at Kabwe Female Maximum Correctional Centre/Prison

In the pic below donation to Mpima Prison that houses both convicted and unconvict male prisoners. These were second hand assorted goods- shoes, clothes, computers, wheel chairs, toiletries and walking aid. We solicited this from Christian Africa Relief Trust in the UK. Geoffrey in a Blue long sleeved shirt with blue jean pants.


Below in the photos is donation of assorted skills training tools and equipment to Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison for the benefit of prisoners. In addition, the trainees who successfully completed their skills training were issued with certificates at the same event


PFF supported formerly incarcerated persons with blankets, work suits and safety shoes

In the Pics below PFF received donations from Work Aid which various tools were donated to the Kabwe Female Maximum and Medium Prisons in April 2016

In the photos below is Donation of manual Sewing machines to Kabwe Female Maximum Prison

In the photos below, PFF executive Director in black third from left with other key stakeholders in picture 2.

Above; In picture 3-are the parole board members led by former Deputy Commissioner of prisons(Chairperson) Mr. Chilundika. 4-released parolees brought to PFF office some of whom living with HIV from Lusaka where they received support from government through the initiative by formerof Home Affair Hon. Lungu. Mr. Mayamba attended the hearing and standing far left.