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Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) is a local non-governmental organization duly registered in the Republic of Zambia under the NGO act of 2009 in the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS)PFF has in the past handled both advocacy and service delivery, in responding to the needs of currently and formally incarcerated people and citizens who have generally come in conflict with the law. The purpose of Prisoners Future Foundation (PFF) is to contribute to the improved welfare of inmates and ex-inmates through providing them with legal services, support to their rehabilitation, empowerment and integration. Further, PFF supports the mitigation of climate change by contributing to correctional facilities putting into place environmental management measures.



Improving access to legal Advice and timely justice for prisoners in the diocese of Mongu.

implementing a two (2) year project (2023-2025) on improving access to legal advice and timely justice for prisoners in Mongu District supported by Misereor.  The aim of the project is to contribute to legal empowerment and an improved legal practice in Mongu District in Western Province of Zambia.  Continue

Promoting prison human rights awareness and legal aid services through paralegal services at Ndola Remand (2017-2021)

Above show photos captured during the Three days training of correctional facility officers on international, regional and national human rights standards as provided by laws and treaties at Kamfinsa Correctional facility. Continue

Improving access to legal aid services Change Project (2021-2025)Access to Legal Aid Services

Since 1st August 2021, PFF has been implementing change projects to Improve access to legal aid services through expanded and  continued operation of 5 paralegal desks at Ndola Remand and Kansenshi, Kamfinsa, Chingola, Mkushi and Mukobeko Medium Correctional, 2 Legal Services Unit at Serenje and Chingola Subordinate Courts, and 4 paralegal desks at Chililabombwe , Ndola, Kapiri Mposhi and Chililabombwe Police Stations (Central and Copperbelt Provinces of Zambia). Continue


Health and Nutrition of Inmates Project (2022-2023)

Health and Nutrition of Inmates Project (2018-2023)

Since 2018, Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) and Ubumi Prisons Initiative (Ubumi) have been working with Zambia Correctional Service to improve health, hygiene and nutrition conditions for the ill, the children and other vulnerable groups specifically, more so for the general prison population, with support from CISU. The project targets Mukobeko Medium, Maximum Male and Kabwe Female Correction Centers in Kabwe District of Central Province, Zambia. Furthermore, PFF and UPI have strongly been advocating for improved living conditions and health rights of inmates in Zambian Correctional Centres/Prisons. Continue

Empowerment and Reintegration of Inmates/Ex-inmates

Rehabilitation and Reintegration For a Sustainable Society Project (2019-2022)

In January 2019 Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) in partnership with CELIM Zambia received 3 year grant funding from European Union to implement a Project titled

Participants pose for a group photo after the stakeholder’s meeting in Mumbwa district of Central Province. Continue

Ex-inmates Sewing Shop Project (2019)

In January 2019, Christian African Relief Trust (CART) supported Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) establish.

The photo above show one of the male ex-inmates beneficiary attending to customers Continue

Prisoners` Empowerment through Skills

In 2015, PFF received support from the Embassy of Finland in Zambia to implement a Prisoners’ Empowerment through skills training and paralegal services in Kabwe prisons. Continue

Reintegration of ex-prisoners Project (2015)

On 4th September, 2014 PFF signed a one off grant of U$25,000 equivalent from Zambian Governance Foundation to do a project on the. Continue

Counseling sessions of Ex-Inmates

PFF received support from the Riverside Church U$ 5,000. meant for the transportation, family tie, counseling sessions of Ex-prisoners. Continue

Prison National Survey.

Late 2008 and early 2009, PFF participated as a researcher in the Prisons National Survey, which was financed by Access to Justice Programme DANIDA to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The purpose of the research was to gather base line data on the general living conditions of inmates in the Zambian Prisons, and providing clear recommendations/guidelines on what interventions needed to be undertaken to improve the living conditions in Zambia`s prisons,Continue


Raise community awareness on the use of gender-based fast track court

PFF in September, 2016 secured a funding from the Public Affairs Section small grant of USA in Zambia to conduct a project. Continue

Prisons voter education and information dissemination project (2021-2022)

In the period ranging from 14th May, 2021 to 31st December, PFF participated in the Democracy Strengthening in Zambia (DSZ) Continue

Abolishment Of Death Penalty.

On 10th October, 2023. Zambia Joined the Rest of The World in Commemorating the World Day Against the Death Penalty.
In June, 2023 the Advocates for Human Rights and Prisoners Future Foundation Serving on The Steering Committee of The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty Did Submit on Zambia’s Upr Outcomes. Continue

Making Mukobeko Maximum male prison and its surrounding Community environmentally sustainable (2017-2019)

On 17th January, PFF signed a two years contract with CSEF 2 aimed at producing a policy and guidelines on how to make Mukobeko Maximum. Continue

Health and Nutrition of Inmates Project (2022-2023)

On 1st February 2022, Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) and Ubumi Prisons Initiative Received funding from CISU to implement a  two (2) year project titled;  Continue

Open and Distance Education (ODL) in Prisons

In November, 2011, PFF lobbied the MoE and tendered in a concept note to influence it to document, and operationalize ODL in the Zambian Prisons too. Continue

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Prisoners' Future Foundation and EnACT Project
Project title: EnACT

Prisoners' Future Foundation (PFF), is working with (GIZ) in Improving access to legal aid services through expanded and continued operation of 5 paralegal desks at Ndola Remand and Kansenshi, Kamfisa, Chingola Mukushi and Mukobeko Group of Correctional Facilities, 2 Legal Services Units (LSU) at serenje and Chingola Subordinate Courts and 4 paralegal Desks at Wusakile, Ndola, Kapiri Mposhi and Chililabombwe Police Stations.
This Project started on 1st August 2021 and will end on 31st December 2024.

Overview Objective

Increase access to Legal aid Services Especially for vulnerable groups including Woman, Juveniles and people living with disabilities

Project Activities

To Offer free Legal Services in Criminal and Civil Cases such as:
Legal Advice, Information and Education, Bail Appeal Application, Case Follow ups, Referrals, Family contact tracing and more

How to Show Your Support

Help us to Support inmates, Remandees, and accused Persons Held in Custody/incarcerated (Including Woman, Juveniles and persons living with disabilities) by making some donations.


Prisoners' Future Foundation (PFF)

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