Prisoners’ Future Foundation and Ubumi Prisons Initiative are excited to share with you that our partnership around the Ubumi Model has been nominated and shortlisted in Zenith Global Health’s Awards in the Category of Health and Social Care. In this category, Zenith Global Health wishes to celebrate individuals and organisations who have offered not just high levels of healthcare but has also been concerned with the social implications especially in disadvantaged groups.THE UBUMI MODELThe Ubumi Model Ubumi Model, which is a rights-based model that aims to work holistically and strategically in the correctional facilities to foster long-term changes and improvements within health and nutrition. The model rests on the foundation of volunteerism, food aid, help for ‘self-help’, checks and balances for good management. Besides being integrated into the existing health system in prisons, the model also strengthens the health system by building capacity of corrections health staff and inmate volunteers. In practical terms the model entails teams of inmate volunteers who are led by an inmate coordinator. The team works to support vulnerable groups in a variety of ways. They nurse the sick, grow vegetables for the most vulnerable, take care of circumstantial children and juveniles, cook food, keep the prison clean and secure clean drinking water and so on. These activities improve inmate health in the prisons. The model entails making optimal use of existing resources and a close collaboration with Zambia Correctional Service at all levels.THE UBUMI/PFF PARTNERSHIP RENDERS IMPORTANT RESULTS- A significant reduction in mortality in the targeted correctional facilities due to the work of the Ubumi/PFF volunteers who support the most vulnerable through cleaning, washing and feeding the most vulnerable. Importantly, many are trained in mental health and psycho-social support which matters very much for the most vulnerable patients. Zambia Correctional Service is to be commended for its commitment and support to the projects. This would not be possible without the commitment, openness, and support from ZCS.- Every month the most vulnerable patients receive food from the project prepared by Ubumi/PFF volunteers. We target the most vulnerable 25-50 patients in the 4 male prisons, all circumstantial children and pregnant women (the number varies every month) in 3 facilities, and all juveniles in targeted facilities- Since 2018, the PFF/Ubumi partnership has provided food supplements and medicines to over 500 seriously ill inmates (HIV and Tuberculosis patients among others), 42 pregnant women and mothers, 321 juveniles and 20 circumstantial children through the Ubumi model in the Kabwe correctional facilities. The partnership has assisted about 4000 inmates through Provision of general hygiene and Covid-19 materials. In addition, Mukobeko Maximum Male Correctional Prison and Medium Correctional Facility have been supported with nutritional gardens for seriously ill patients. The Ubumi models has embraced inmate volunteers who implement activities right inside the prisons/correctional centres. Equally since 2018, Ubumi has provided food supplements and medicines to over 1,000 seriously ill inmates (HIV and Tuberculosis among others), 50+ children, more than 1000 juveniles and more than 100 pregnant women and mothers in Chipata correctional facilities (in Chipata in collaboration with NZP+ Chipata Chapter) and Lusaka Correctional facilities. Equally, more than 3,000 inmates in the general population have been supported each year in Chipata and Lusaka.- Since 2018 the Ubumi/PFF partnership has supported capacity building for corrections officers and inmates (peer education) within the fields of health and agriculture and contributing to long-term improvements in health and nutrition.Importantly, the work renders long term benefits with Zambia Correctional Service showing support This nomination is not only a nomination of PFF and Ubumi, but by extension also Zambia Correctional Service. We are proud and thankful for the nomination. A particular thank you to Zenith Global Health for their attention to inmates in Zambian Correctional Facilities.#UbumiPrisonsInitiative#ZenithGlobalHealth#ZambiaCorrectionalService


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