Rehabilitation and Reintegration For a Sustainable Society Project (2019-2022)

Rehabilitation and Reintegration For a Sustainable Society Project (2019-2022)

In January 2019 Prisoners’ Future Foundation (PFF) in partnership with CELIM Zambia received 3 year grant funding from European Union to implement a Project titled – Abilitation and Reintegration of Offenders for a Sustainable Growth in Zambia. This project is aimed at promoting the educational and skills development of the inmates in the Districts of Mongu, Kaoma, Senanga, Kalabo, Mumbwa and Mazabuka in Zambia.

In this project, 1253 inmates were enrolled in literacy out of which 486 managed to sit for examinations, 2130 inmates were enrolled in vocational skills of which 1683 managed to write examinations, 5 schools and skills training structures were built, 2 refurbished and 11 income generating Activities created, 1697 received knowledge in civic education, 1667 were trained in entrepreneurship, 374 e-inmates were self-employed, 296 empowered with business starter packs and 196 were assisted to be hired on wage employment. Furthermore, collaboration towards improving reintegration polices of ex-inmates was enhanced amongst relevant stakeholders.

Shown below is the newly built 1x2 classroom block at Koama correctional Facility by CELIM and PFF

Inmates learning in newly built classrooms (Left) and creating income generating gardens (Right)

Shown below is the newly established Mongu Ex-Inmates Industrial Hub by CELIM and PFF

Shown below are products made by Mongu Ex-Inmates Industrial Hub

Items made by students doing metal fabrication at Kalabo correctional facility