Access to Legal Aid Services

Improving access to legal aid services Change Project (2021-2025)

Since 1st August 2021, PFF has been implementing change projects to Improve access to legal aid services through expanded and  continued operation of 5 paralegal desks at Ndola Remand and Kansenshi, Kamfinsa, Chingola, Mkushi and Mukobeko Medium Correctional, 2 Legal Services Unit at Serenje and Chingola Subordinate Courts, and 4 paralegal desks at Chililabombwe , Ndola, Kapiri Mposhi and Chililabombwe Police Stations (Central and Copperbelt Provinces of Zambia).

The projects are supported by Federal Government of the Republic of Germany and Co-funded by the European Union in Zambia  under the Enabling Access to Justice, Civil Society Participation and Transparency (EnACT).

In the period ranging 1st February 2022 to 30thJune 2023, PFF has provided legal aid services to a total of 11,446 clients against the target of 8422. 11,446 clients are  disaggregated as follows:

  • 8902 were male adults ( 1000 illegal immigrants)
  • 1410 adult females (50 illegal immigrants)
  • 889 male juveniles (450 illegal immigrants)
  • 87 female juveniles
  • 126 male Persons with Disabilities
  • 32 Female Person with Disabilities

The clients were assisted in the following way:

  • 4636 Received legal information and advice
  • 209 had their cases referred to LAB/LSU
  • 177 had their cases followed up to relevant justice institutions
  • 63 clients assisted with drafting of legal documents such as appeals, summons, demand letters, contracts and explaining the content of the Judgments to litigants etc.
  • 1678 assisted with phone calls to their families
  • 429  released on Bail and Police Pond
  • 56 had their cases acquitted
  • 180 juveniles were diverted from the formal court procedures
  • 1500 illegal immigrants were deported back to their countries
  • 100  assisted with mediations
  • 151 granted  legal representation on pro-bono by Legal Aid Board (LAB)  Zambia and  Legal Services Units (LSUs)
  •  10 discharged
  •  26  given community and suspended sentences

The results are on-going up to 2025.